Water, water everywhere…

Bob may not post a blog today, so thought it best to put something up in case he doesn’t manage it. He was in this morning, but left early to work from home in a dry change of clothes. I don’t feel it is my place to say why he should have needed to do so, but suffice to say Michelle and I had a good laugh at his expense!

Not much to report on the wildlife front, but I was pleased to see these St. Georges mushrooms. One of the edible wild mushrooms, they fruit mid-late April, hence the name. There are a few around the reserve most years, though never in such numbers as to justify collection “for the pot”, these were in a “new” location right on the edge of the track up to the centre:

The main attraction today was the Dockens Water which was spectacularly in spate after last night and this mornings rain as the following images show:

The view of the river dipping area from the bridge - no dipping today!


Taking these second two pictures was very much a welly boot job!

For all that the rain gauge outside the centre was reading 20mm at lunch time today, and that since Easter it seems like it has never really stopped raining, we do have a whole winters worth of rainfall to catch up on so the rain we’ve had, though it will help, is still a drop in the ocean (literally so – I’d love to know how long it will take the water that passed beneath my feet to reach Mudeford Quay on days like this!).

For more information about the drought regionally Wessex Water and Sembcorp Bournemouth Water, the landowners of Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve and partners with the Wildlife Trust and New Forest District Council in the Blashford Lakes Project, both maintain updates on the current drought on their web pages: http://www.wessexwater.co.uk/water-and-sewerage/twocol.aspx?id=8379 and http://www.sembcorpbw.co.uk/net-control/viewPage.asp?intNodeId=307. More information about how wildlife could be affected can be found on the Wildlife Trusts website here: http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/node/11186

In the meantime, for today at least, it does look like the worst of the rainfall has been and gone, which is just as well as I have a group of Brownies booked in for a wildlife walk this evening – I hope they bring their wellies!


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