Something Nasty in the Toolshed

Bird News: Ibsley Watercommon tern 2, common sandpiper 1, goldeneye 2. Ivy Lakeswift 2 (reported)

Arriving at the reserve this morning I opened the Tern hide and saw rather little, a few sand martins and swallows over the lake and a distant little ringed plover. Driving over to the southern part of the reserve I realised something was wrong. A gateway to the east of the main gate was open, I then spotted our wheel barrow . Evidently someone had wanted to move something from the reserve to the road, the alarm bells were now loud and I was unsurprised to find the tool stores had been broken into and more or less all of our machinery had been stolen, we had received unwanted visitors in the night. Calls to the police were made and a brief check of what was missing made.

I then had to attend a meeting and was expecting to spend the rest of the day compiling lists of stolen items and sorting out details for insurers. Then, amazingly, I got a call to say that some of the items may have been discovered, some miles away and out of the county! So I actually spent the rest of the day identifying what was ours and watching it loaded into police vans. Remarkably it seems we will get all of the stolen items back.

As a result of all this I saw almost no wildlife today and heard of very little, I did see a report written in the logbook in the Ivy South hide of 2 swifts, a good early record if correct. Locking the Tern hide I saw 2 common tern, a common sandpiper and a pair of goldeneye, but little else and sadly no swifts, if I had they would have been my earliest ever.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more typical Blashford day.



3 thoughts on “Something Nasty in the Toolshed

  1. So sorry to hear that the thieves have struck again. I had my feeders stolen some time ago and as a pensioner found it hard to replace them and worried about a repeat of the crime. I now have me feeders chained and padlocked in position and I have installed a camera. They do some really good ones like they use on Springwatch that also take inferred imaged and video that can be hidden away or put into your sheds or by the entrance where they must park.
    Glad to hear that you recovered your tools I hope they caught the culprit too.

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