Ospreys and a Jewel of a Beetle

Bird News: Ibsley Waterosprey 1 (on Wed & Thurs), common sandpiper 2, common tern 4, dunlin 1. Ivy Lakegreen sandpiper 2, scaup 1 (Wed).

No blog last night and I was not in on Wednesday, so two days missed, so time for a quick update. An osprey was seen on both days and when I was out on Wednesday one flew passed me apparently, so five at Blashford so far this spring and I still have not seen one this year! There have been more arrivals of migrants, with common terns newly in, they may be migrants or “our” birds, if the latter we will have to get the rafts out next week.

On Thursday I was at the reserve and the volunteers laid some new wire mesh on the boardwalk by the Centre pond and Jim nearly fell in just after it was put down, so much for making the surface safer! We also tried to work out how to construct a new generation of tern rafts for our, hopefully growing, tern population. After much deliberation I think we have developed an improved design for a longer life raft, all we have to do now is build it.

Ibsley Water has several pairs of lapwing establishing territory and at least 3 pairs of redshank as well. one pair is regularly outside the Tern hide giving a chance of a picture, although they rarely stand still. 

redshank from the Tern hide

I also had a look in one of the areas beside Ivy Lake that we had cleared during the winter to see how the habitat was developing and I think the answer was well, although it will need a couple of years before we will see how much new reedbed we get. The marshy ground was alive with insects, including lots of slender groundhoppers and a very smart type of ground beetle, Elaphrus cupreus.

                                                                                                                                                                               The elytra look as though they are jewel encrusted

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