Spirits not dampened

Blashford has not been immune to the influx of April showers – much appreciated, no doubt, by gardeners and to a large extent by wildlife as the softer soil will  make it easier for thrushes and many other birds to find food.

The weather has, however, deterred many folk from venturing out to this neck of the woods, but the wildlife hasn’t the luxury of choice as testified by our mute swan as she sits stoically on the nest in the steady drizzle.

Mute swan on nest in front of Ivy North Hide

Surprisingly many of the ducks that remain on the reserve seem to be avoiding being out too much in the rain.  Yesterday in a quick ,totally un-scientific survey, I counted 105 tufted ducks on Ivy Lake but today no more than a couple of dozen were to be seen – so much for  the saying ‘lovely weather for ducks’!  

On Ibsley Water ruff and little ringed plover are still showing and Bob Chapman, who arrived earlier for an unscheduled appearance, reported seeing house martin in with the sand martin as well as a couple of goldeneye,  He came in today as he’d beeen asked to give an interview for broadcast on Radio Solent which went out live during the Alex Dyke session at about 12 .40 , part of a ‘Treasure Hunt’ feature for Easter Monday.

Not a lot more to report so I’ll leave you with an image of a nesting blackbird that sums up the weather today









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