A Ring from the Highlands

Great pictures of the osprey from Friday have produced great results. You may have noticed that it has rings on both legs, the one on the right leg being white with two letters, YS in black. This enables the bird to be identified as an individual without needing to catch it. Nowadays the internet allows the origins of such birds to be established very quickly and so it was in this case. Many people will know of Roy Dennis’s long-term work on ospreys in Scotland and so contacting him seemed like a good first stop. The reply came through almost instantly, he was delighted to hear of the sighting and see Gary Prescott’s excellent photos of the bird, but it was better than that, he went on to say:

“What’s even better is that it is one of my birds!!  I ringed it on 15th July 1997 at Rothiemurchus, near Aviemore in Strathspey; ring number 1348928. I sexed it as a female and there were two chicks in the nest.”

I have been in Rothiemurchus Forest, it is a fine Caledonian pine forest, one of Scotland’s finest wild places and now we have a direct link between there and Blashford.

To read more about this bird and lots of other osprey related things you can visit Roy’s blog at: http://www.roydennis.org/index.asp?id=11

On a more personal note I was very pleased to see that the osprey was sitting on the wooden rails outside the Goosander hide, I placed them there to provide perches, with the particular idea that it would give the opportunity to read colour rings. I did see a few colour-ringed gulls on them this winter, which was pleasing enough, but to get a result like this is real icing on the cake.


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