The Blues and Chips

Bird News: Ibsley Waterruff 3, goldeneye 6+, little ringed plover 1, water pipit 1 (reported). Ivy Lake Cetti’s warbler 1, water rail 2. Woodlandbrambling 1 (reported).

A very cold start gave way to a fine, sunny spring day. The frost meant there were few moths and when I first looked over Ibsley water the mist rising from the water prevented seeing many birds, a single sand martin was the best I saw. As I went round the hides opening up I spotted several woodpecker holes under construction, so even with scattering of telltale woodchips beneath.


I came across one new hole in an old crack willow and another in a large hybrid poplar.

green woodpecker hole

The sunny clearings had many hovering bee flies and droneflies, I decided to really challenge my camera by trying a flight shot, which resulted in a rather odd picture in which the fly looks almost as though it could be as large a s a small plane!

dronefly flyby

Not just the sky was blue, one of the most obvious flowers at present are the forget-me-nots, there are lots in the gravel around the Centre but also in various other places.


Some of the same bare ground areas that are favoured by the forget-me-nots are also good basking places for butterflies and the main species doing this at present seems to be comma, I saw at least four between the Centre and Woodland hide sunning themselves on the path.

comma and shadow

The long shadow tells you that the picture was taken late in the day and it was just before I left that I saw most of the wildlife today. From the Tern hide I saw at least 3 ruff and 5 or so goldeneye still remaining, but only one drake goosander.


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