Blooming marvellous

Main bird news is of a drake scaup, seen and photographed from Ivy South Hide today.Other than that most that I have to report is on the flower and insect front, all looking fantastic in the warm spring sunshine (and which after a morning in the office I did actually manage to get out and enjoy, so for once I have photographs to rival the number that Bob normally posts!):

Although the wild daffodils and coltsfoot (above) are starting to appear a little past their best, they are still a stunning sight in the woodland and old reedbeds respectively – as are the lesser celandines which carpet the woodland floor with gold in places:

Amongst the lesser celandines and always easily overlooked, so championed by myself each spring when they begin to show, are the unprepossessing and diminutive (yet impressively cubicaly arranged!) flowers of the town hall clock – or moschatel:

Also beginning to flower now, and almost as beloved by the honey and bumblebee’s as the willow flowers, is ground ivy (you can just about make out a blurry purple flower in the background – the bee completely dwarves what would have been the floral subject!):

Bee’s were not the only insects enjoying the sun – there were plenty of red admirals, a few peacocks and a number of commas, including that pictured below. Alas I still have not seen a brimstone!

The moth trap was full of all the usual suspects, including the regular haul of small quakers and this solitary oak beauty and early thorn:

And finally, though both were far too quick to get a picture, I had a lovely glimpse of a very handsome fox on the edge of the path amongst the willow scrub on the way up to Lapwing Hide and saw my first grass snake of the year just before the boardwalk after Ivy South Hide. The adder I sought between Lapwing and Goosander Hides eluded me, but by the time I had made it out after lunch it was a little late in the day to catch them basking I suppose.


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