Some Items Not Shown to Scale

Bird News: Ibsley Watergoosander 40+, shelduck 1. Ivy Lakewater rail 3+. Centrebrambling 1.

A very misty, in fact almost foggy start meant no birds as I opened up as I could not see very far. Although I don’t think I missed much as nobody reported seeing very much today.

The moth trap had been productive though, with  oak beauty, satellite, the usual clouded drabs and Quakers and my first grey shoulder knot of the year.

grey shoulder knot

I spent a good part fo the day moving rubbish to the skip, or at least trying to, I had a problem with a wheel bearing on the trailer, which wasted a good bit of time. I was getting rid of some old fencing from the western shore of Ibsley Water when a rather remarkable view offered itself.

Ibsley Water as I had not seen it before.

Of course it is all a matter of scale.

Hopefully more to report tomorrow.


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