Lovely t-shirt Weather – but no bittern

A somewhat overcast start to the day very quickly turned into the warmest day of the year so far – I didn’t see or hear of any reptile sightings on the reserve today, but I am sure they will have been out and about enjoying the spring sunshine somewhere! Midges, bumblebee’s (including a first worker bee rather than the larger queens), hoverflies and butterflies (a peacock to add to the previously seen red admirals) were also all enjoying the warmth which by the time I met my guided walk party at 10am was already too warm for jackets and jumpers!

The mute swans were adding to their nest outside Ivy North Hide again when I opened up:


We believe that they are a “new pair”, having ousted the previous residents at the end of last summer. The cobb seems like he may be a more diligent parent/partner than the old male so perhaps this pair will have better success with their cygnets – time will tell.


I couldn’t resist taking this picture of the wild daffodils outside the woodland hide – first thing it was still a bit grey, but the brightness of the blooms was a promise of things to come. I’ve taken this shot over and over again, one year after another, but the sight still delights me, though my photo’s never seem to capture the view as well as being there!


Other than the afore mentioned insects other highlights of this morings walk were a very handsome singing goldcrest, a couple of bickering water rail, a couple of treecreeper at different points along the way and, for the handful of participants that ducked back into Tern Hide at the end of the walk a pair of very lovely grey wagtail.

Sadly no bittern were seen by any of the group and, to the best of my knowledge, none were seen at all during the day so I suspect that they have now all moved on.

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