The Hidden and the Hiding

Bird News: Ibsley Waterblack-necked grebe 1, dunlin 1, black-tailed godwit 4, peregrine 1. Ivy Lakebittern 1. Woodlandbrambling 1+, chiffchaff 1+.

As I opened the Ivy North hide I was delighted to see that at least one bittern remains, hopefully it will stay for the weekend, although it was staying pretty well hidden when I was watching it. Near the Woodland hide I heard my first singing chiffchaff of the year, surely this one must have been a migrant. bittern hiding from the hide

I phoned in to get the moth trap put out last night and was pleased I had, the catch was not large but did include two new species for the year, one was a clouded drab.

clouded drab

The other was one of the larger of the “micro” moths, Diurnea fagella.

Diurnea fagella

I was confined to the office for much of the day and I have to confess that the brambling sighting was made via the TV in the entrance to the Centre, it was a fine male visiting the feeder at the Woodland hide, a live feed but not quite like seeing it in the feather.


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