Look Away Now

Bird News: Ivy Lakebittern 1.

Very limited bird news today as I was working with the volunteers in the morning and off site in the afternoon. We were doing a whole range of general tidying up tasks and as usual the skip that I got in to use for one pile of rubbish is half full other stuff entirely. It really is remarkable just how much rubbish there is lying around if you start looking for it.

We also plotted, cleaned and refurbished a lot of the nest boxes, something that has needed doing for a good while.

The ringers were in and caught 44 birds, with the majority being lesser redpoll, reflecting th eimpression that there are a lot around just now. Interestingly they included a “control”, that is a bird that already has a ring on it, but which had not been ringed at Blashford.

I did see a few birds as I opened up the hides. From the Tern hide there were at least 18 goldeneye, several in pairs displaying.

goldeneye pair

In the reeds by the Ivy Silt Pond I found the male reed bunting below, he was singing away and woul dhave made a reasonable picture if he had not been a football supporter – he decided to follow advice and “Look away now”.

reed bunting, looking away.


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