When the Rains Came

Bird News: Ibsley Waterblack-necked grebe 3 (but probably 4). Ivy Lakebittern 2, Cetti’s warbler 1, water rail 2+.

There was a bit of a change in the weather today, after mild and often sunny days today was cold  (no better than 6 degrees) and very, very wet. At Blashford I recorded 30mm of rain today. As it was the first Sunday of the month it was volunteer task day, unlike Thursdays when the weather always seems to be fine, we have been rained off a few times on Sundays and today was one of them. The rain also kept the number of visitors down, but the fact that we have hides to keep dry in and bitterns and other things to see, there were still quite a few people around.

Dockens Water in flood

The flooded Dockens Water over flowed into the silt pond and then on into Ivy Lake, so tomorrow the lake might finally be filled again. The rain will also raise the level of Ibsley Water, although not by nearly enough to bring the water up to the base of the sand martin wall, which is a worry for the colony, which will be much less secure from predators if there is dry land below the nest holes.

The river did not really start to rise until the early afternoon, by which time the rain had stopped and, for a time at least, the sun came out. I took the chance to get out, just below the Centre the nyger feeder was packed with redpoll and siskin.

redpolls and siskin (and yes, that is a bit of a goldfinch's tail in the top right)

Two bitterns performed well for the visitors at the Ivy North hide for much of the day and I saw both fishing there at the end of the day.


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