Owls, voles and a gentle stroll

It was another relatively busy day today at Blashford Lakes. This morning saw a successful start to our new push chair walks round the reserve; “Blashford Buggies” will be taking place on alternate Friday mornings 10.30am-12pm, just turn up and meet at the Education Centre – the next one will be Fri 16th March.

The middle of the day brought a trip out of the office for Jim and I as we went in pursuit of an injured tawny owl. A member of the public had spotted it sitting in the middle of Ellingham Drove, presumably after being hit by car and when approached it had scrambled off the road and in to the bushes. Armed with a bin, a towel and a pair of gloves we went on a rescue mission. On arrival the owl was no where to be seen, a good sign we hope as it had hopefully recovered from its initial stun and flown off to safety.

At lunchtime we switched to pond cam and found a big warty toad sitting centre stage. The toad sat there all afternoon, only bothered once by a rather smart male smooth newt which it promptly chased off.

There was report of a pereguine over Ibsley Water and black necked grebes. The bitterns were showing well again all day together with the Cetti’s warbler. On locking up I saw my first double bittern view – with both having a succesful fish supper. Whilst watching the bitterns I was also entertained by a bank vole just beneath the window, toing and froing cutting leaves and dragging them back down its hole. The resident roe deer were also about in the woods.


2 thoughts on “Owls, voles and a gentle stroll

    • A great shot and yet another perch bites the dust! It seems almost all the prey this winter have been perch, last year rudd seemed to be favourite. These fair sized perch seem to be in the base of the dense clumps of reedmace and the bitterns are very good at catching them. Other prey items recently have been an eel and frogs or toads. Thanks for the link to the picture too.

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