Brash and Eventually Bright

Bird News: Ibsley Waterblack-necked grebe 2 (reported). Ivy Lakebittern 2.

Not much bird news today as I was busy racing about moving willow brash to beef up the dead hedge around the banks of the main car park. This adds to the screening and gives something for the bramble to grow through and a bramble thicket is a better barrier than a barbed wire fence. It also provides habitat for all kinds of wildlife. When I say I was doing this, what I actually mean is that the volunteers were and I was just dashing about. We also weeded the shore of Ibsley Water near the Tern hide making it ready for the arrival of the little ringed plovers.

Out on Iblsey Water I saw almost nothing when I opened the hide, although visibility was only one hundred metres at best. Later in the day I was told variously that there was no sign of the black-necked grebes and that there were certainly two present. I can say with far greater certainty that there were 2 bittern on view at the Ivy North hide, at times brilliantly so. They must be on their way soon, so everyday we see them now is a bonus.

The night was much colder than I had expected and as a result there were few moths and unfortunately the few that were caught had been seriously thinned out by whatever the bird was a that had got into the box. The grey start to the day eventually gave way to sunshine and a very bright red admiral was flying around the Centre car park in the afternoon.

I am not back in until Sunday, I wonder if there will be a sand martin by then?




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