Black-necks, Yellow Horns and Carpet Moths

Bird News: Ibsley Water black-necked grebe 2+, Mediterranean gull 1. Ivy Lakebittern 1, Cetti’s warbler 1, Egyptian goose 2. Ivy Silt PondCetti’s warbler 1.

Another mild night and another good moth catch with yellow horned new for the year.

yellow horned

There were also several micro moths, they fly well on calm nights, including 2 Acleris literana, although they looked quite different, one very fine grey and black one and the other looking like it was made of carpet.

Acleris literana


Acleris literana, but made of carpet

Blashford was hosting a meeting of the Wildlife Trust’s Great and Good today, which is to say the trustees and vice chairs. Obviously it is always good to be able to showcase the reserve and we were quietly confident, but it is always a bonus when things actually work out. The weather was with us and our theme of the reserve as place to encounter wildlife was nicely exemplified with a good show by the bittern at Ivy North hide, allowing some their first ever sighting.

bittern fishing

I actually got this picture as I opened up the hide, when it was hunting. There was also a singing Cetti’s warbler there and a second was signing by the Ivy Silt pond. It would be good if they stayed to breed, I am sure they will one day.

I looked hard for a February sand martin, I have never seen one and still haven’t, but they can only be days away.

There were several common toads out and about today and smooth newts swam by on Pondcam. On Ivy Lakecam there was another TV “tick”, although perhaps not one I welcome, a pair of Egyptian geese.


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