Blashford Bitterns

Just to report more of the same really – another brilliant bittern day with lots of happy punters who came to share photos and stories of their bittern encounters with me. There were 2 bitterns on show for most of the day.  I was lucky enough to see one right out in front of the Ivy North hide as I went to lock up, it was fishing in the pool. It then rather clumsily clambered up on top of the reeds before flying off to the reeds on the right, a fantastic end to a busy day. The Ringwood and Fordingbrige Children’s Centre families visited today for a morning of bird watching activities which included fat ball making and nest building. You may have also noticed some very vibrant colourful feathers around?!

If you and your family would like to discover more about Blashford’s birds then come along to our event this Saturday 18th Feb, “Dabbling Ducks and Fab Finches“. Drop in anytime between 10am-12.30pm and follow the trail between the hides where our experts will be on hand with binoculars and telescopes to point out dabbling ducks, fab finches, terrific tits, wonderful woodpeckers and much, much more.  Suggested donation of £3 per person.


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