Another less cold but bitternly day

Most of the water on the reserve was frozen first thing with only pockets of open water, but the air is a lot warmer today. On unlocking the Ivy North hide I was in for a delight with my first unquestionable view of the bittern. I was looking in completely the wrong direction but luckily for me a kind visitor pointed it out for me – there it was right out in the open, walking on the ice down the channel on the left! Amazing! All the visitors today seem to be in for a treat with everyone so far having brilliant views of the bittern. Walking round to the woodland hide is quite an audio experience at the moment with the siskin singing and the great spotted woodpecker drumming. Down at the Ivy South hide I walked in to see a brilliant view of a  Water rail out in the open in front of the hide feeding on some grain that had been put out on the ice.

Coot and Water Rail feeding in front of Ivy South Hide

 The second unquestionable view of the day! It ice skated away when it first saw me but only stopped just by the reeds to the left for a wash and brush up. It was then back out on the ice again and was soon joined by a couple of coot.


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