Ice to be out and about

Lovely day today – Ibsley Water was ice free and looking lovely in the sunshine, where as Ivy Lake, equally lovely, had a small amount of ice along the length of its shore. A bittern showed well from Ivy North Hide this morning but I guess had given up at waiting for the ice to melt by the afternoon and skulked off in to hiding somewhere – although a handsome water rail was showing well in the pool to the left by late afternoon instead.

The shoveller were all hauled out on the edge of the ice by Ivy North Hide when I opened up and had managed to move out on to the water by locking up time, albeit that they were still in a tight feeding huddle and only a few metres from the edge of the ice where I’d seen them at the start of the day. At Ivy South Hide it was the wigeon (with the odd shoveller and a mute swan) that were sitting it out on the ice in the morning – pictured above.

Other than that personal highlights were a treecreeper hunting up and down the alder trees in the morning light, completely oblivious to my presence a metre or so away and a small number or redwing hunting around the oak, hazel and field maple woodland near the Woodland Hide.

The Wildlife Watch group were in tracking with a local bushcraft instructor this morning – their highlights being a party of mice crossing the path in front of them.

With another cold night forecast for tonight I suspect that there will be a lot more ice about again tomorrow before the thaw starts as the temperature warms up again during the day.

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