A Walk in the Sunshine

Bird News: Ibsley Watergrey plover 1, black-tailed godwit 9, barnacle goose 5, ruddy duck 1. Ivy Lakebittern 1.

Working with the volunteers all morning pollarding and coppicing, we made great progress and have almost completed the area to be cut this winter. It may seem like winter will go on for ages now, but within a couple of weeks we could be more or less at the end of winter work if it warms again. I usually find that the winter work program ends, not because we have completed the work but because the winter runs out.

In the afternoon we had a guided walk and a liitle while before we were about to set of the sun came out. We started at the Tern hide, it was so warmed by the sun that sitting there was actually very pleasant, the lack of wind also helped. We saw the drake ruddy duck but failed to see the grey plover or barnacle geese, although they were there again today.

I don’t often get to the Woodland hide in the middle part of the day, so going there today was something of a treat. There were no particularly unusual birds, but the lesser redpolls, siskinnuthatch and just sheer number of birds up close are always worth seeing.

Then we went on to the Ivy South hide, which was particularly good today the number and variety of ducks looked very fine in the bright sunshine. Over a hundred shoveler and really close views of gadwall and wigeon were highlights and no matter how many times I see them I always enjoy watching these birds.

Unfortunately the Ivy North hide rather let us dow, the bittern had been seen well earlier, but was hiding well when we got there and the best sighting was of two roe deer grazing the sedges just to the right of the hide.

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