Rings, Radio and Moths

No real news today, I did not really see anything, being either in the office or out working with the volunteers. The weather was, of course, fine and surprisingly warm, Thursday luck continues.

As I have no news as such I thought I would mention a few things that might be of interest. You may remember the two colour-ringed gulls I saw last month, the following is a link to the site about the gull ringing project in the Channels Islands, where one of the birds had been ringed, others from the project have gone huge distances in the opposite direction. http://www.paulveron.com/Gulls%20Welcome%20Page.html.

With the end of another year it might be a good time to consider our place in the world and the Radio 4 program “Saving Species” at 20:00 tomorrow (Friday) evening should be an interesting if, possibly disquieting listen.

For the future, I found out today that next year’s “National Moth Night”, actually runs over three days in June and has an old industrial site theme, exactly right for Blashford, the dates are 21st-23rd June, so watch this space for more news.


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