Volunteering Weather

Bird News: Ibsley Water – black-necked grebe 1, Egyptian goose 4, pintail a pair. Ivy Lake – Cetti’s warbler 1, water rail 2, yellow-legged gull 1.

Another very fine, warm day, as we have come to expect on a Thursday at Blashford, of course Thursday is volunteer day. Today we were clearing the yard and managed to fill the skip I had ordered in just an hour, how is it that there is always more rubbish than you think? The volunteer team has now grown so much that we do not restrict ourselves to just one task, today we did three. The others were making a start on willow pollarding and removing of the old fixing points for the redundant lighting bollards.

My wildlife observations were rather restricted, but did include a few things of interest. At the Ivy South hide in the morning a very smart male bullfinch made a great sight, a species we did not see yesterday. On Ivy Lake there were three large gulls and they made a pretty good comparison, all adults and one each of great black-backed gull, lesser black-backed gull and yellow-legged gull. Walking back to the Centre a Cetti’s warbler burst into song right beside the track, they are seriously loud at close range.

Afternoon sightings were limited to a brief look from the Tern hide at dusk. The northern end of the lake was pretty well clear of birds, I think the cause was the police helicopter hovering over Ibsley village. One advantage was that the birds were much closer to the hide than usual. One of these was the black-necked grebe, the goldeneye are more often near the hide in the evening and tonight there were thirteen birds, one fewer than the other day, but there were five adult drakes, one more, so there must be at least fifteen in all.


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