Bird News: Ivy Lake – bittern 1.

It was a lovely day to get outside today and Jim, Sally and myself took the opportunity for some pond maintenance in the dipping pond behind the Centre. Jim donned the frog legs and jumped right it!

He removed some reed encroaching into the pond and pulled out the majority of the Crassula, an invasive species that has escaped from garden ponds. The plant material has been left by the side of the pond to allow any animals the opportunity to escape back to the pond.

Once we had finished we were greeted by some very excited visitors who reported the first sighting of the bittern for this year.  We think this is the earliest sighting for the reserve as in previous years it has only first been reported in the week leading up to Christmas. This doesn’t mean the bittern hadn’t arrived before then but just that it hadn’t been spotted. The visitors had great views of the bittern from Ivy North hide, it was walking around  in the channel to the left of the nearest screen.

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