A New Look

This is my first post on the new blog, but the “New look” referred to above is actually a new camera position overlooking Ivy lake. I spent this morning running out the cable ready to take a camera sometime later in the week. It will give a view into the hidden area that is behind the reeds from the North hide or behind the spit from the South hide. This is a favourite sheltering place for teal and other ducks in the winter, so I have high hopes. The camera should go live either at the end of this week or the start of next.

So far today has been very quiet on the wildlife front, with the moth trap almost empty and the only birds of note a  rock pipit, which flew off northwards, a green sandpiper and 4 dunlin on Ibsley Water as I opened the Tern hide. There was no sign that I could see of yesterday’s red crested pochards, so perhaps they have moved on.

I will try another post this evening if I get anything further to report, who knows, perhaps even with a picture, although it is very dull indeed here at present.



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